Meet The Artisans

     When a person begins to work for Would-Works, we give them the title 'Artisan'. An artisan is "a skilled worker or craftsperson". As Would-Works Artisans work to accomplish their goals, they develop pride and confidence in their work and in themselves.



Joe came to Would-Works with the need of items for this new studio apartment. Joe had been homeless and living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles for many years. Finally he found a low-income apartment and was able to move into his own place. When he moved in, his apartment only had a few things so he was very excited to have the opportunity to work for Would-Works.

“My experience with Would-Works was great. I love the way the boards look after we work hard on them. It’s a great project because it helps us out.” –Joe

After working for Would-Works, Joe was able to provide furnishings for his apartment. Since working for Would-Works, he has also referred friends to be Would-Works Artisans.




Vadim was our first Would-Works Artisan. Two years ago, he was laid off from a decade-long career in construction. During his process of searching for a new job, Vadim found himself without two essentials: clothing for job interviews  and transportation to those interviews.

"I loved working for Would-Works. The work was great and so was the fellowship” -Vadim

Vadim approached Would-Works with his needs and used them to set his goal: clothes for job interviews, and a bus pass. After working 15 hours, Vadim reached that goal. Would-Works was happy to employ him and is happy to serve as a reference for him as he draws nearer to securing permanent employment.